Make your thing
earn or pay

$ npm install machinomy
$ machinomy buy
Have just received 1000 wei.
Hello, meat world!
$ _
$ npm install machinomy
$ cat server.js
app.get("/test", paywall.guard(1000, (req, res) => {
    res.write("Have just received 1000 wei.\n");
    res.end("Hello, meat world!");

app.listen(3000, () => {
    console.log("Serving at http://localhost:3000/test");
$ node server.js
Serving at http://localhost:3000/test

Machinomy allows the devices to pay and earn money. See your car paying for gas, and for a weather report, and for a regular maintenance. Take a look at your fridge. It is going to buy fresh vegetables while you drive. Allow the devices to care about you. Allow them to transfer money in autonomous and secure way.



for people

Teach smart devices to discover each other, negotiate and trade resources.

Join us in the quest for a sentient environment.


Move mundane computations away: safely offload it to the nearest capable machine.

Find the cheapest way to pass a Turing test in a neighbourhood. Nobody knows you have been assisted.


Trust swarm of devices to buy computing power, network traffic and API access.

Make your central servers work on more important tasks.

Decentralised infrastructure scales better.



We see the machine economy coming. The code we have now is a mere attempt to explore it, and clear things up. Treat it like the very first word a child says. It could be the least meaningful word overall, yet the most important one for the child development.

Nearly zero fees

Immediate payments

Simple API

Any device

Go to Documentation to learn more. Getting Started tutorial will show you how to use the library to say the very first word in the machine economy.