Micropayments on Ethereum blockchain


Machinomy is a micropayments SDK for Ethereum platform. State channels is a design pattern for instant blockchain transactions. It moves most of the transactions off-chain. As transactions do not touch the blockchain, fees and waiting times are eliminated, in a secure way.

It brings a possibility of instant transactions and low value payments. Paid media consumption, like unobtrusive micropayments for video streaming is one application. Another one is tipping for live performers. One could also think about blockchain games, and machine-to-machine transactions.


Zero fees

Immediate payments

Simple API

Works on devices


  1. Clone machinomy repository

    $ git clone https://github.com/machinomy/machinomy

  2. Build the code

    $ cd machinomy && yarn install && yarn bootstrap && yarn build

  3. Run the client

    $ export PROVIDER_URL=https://rinkeby.infura.io

    $ export MNEMONIC=repair good hover betray buddy deal night wide mean round great tackle

    $ DEBUG=* node packages/examples/src/client.js

  4. Notice transactions on Rinkeby Etherscan

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