Getting Started

Start exploring machine-to-machine micropayments. The introductory guide will show you how to transfer minuscule amount of cryptocurrency instantly via payment channel. You will know how to create pay-per-call APIs on Node.JS, buy and sell those APIs.

Inside a Payment Channel

Payment channel is a method to pass a value as little as 1 Wei instantaneously between two parties. Parties are free to transfer funds as many times as they need. The payment channel groups all the little transfers so that a blockchain sees two transactions only: opening a channel and closing the channel. It makes an individual transfer inside the channel cheaper than a conventional blockchain transaction.



Micropayments for the Internet of Things: Vision Paper

Our vision of the next Internet of Things platform. We see autonomous devices operate together based on economic incentives, that is money. A machine pays per service call. It could not pay in bulk. Thus, there is a need for micropayments. Use cases are outlined.